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For over 30 years I have empowered people to see their potential and actualize it–to help them break through the obstacles in their way and take their lives to a higher level, no matter how successful they already are, in the areas that matter most to them: career, relationships, creativity, health and business.

I have been honored to help hundreds of people transform their lives and businesses through my speaking presentations, workshops, books and as a certified success coach–to help people design a purposeful plan and cultivate the courage to take it into the world in a powerful way.

My dynamic, whole life coaching program, is a deep dive into exploring what holds meaning for my clients and includes comprehensive career processes for those in career transition that has as the centerpiece the client’s ideal career aspirations.

My presentations on Leadership and Empowerment captivate with energy and enthusiasm, through the power of personal story, humor, interaction, and practical skills. I offer the tools and motivation, and foster the courage for people to actualize their potential and more powerfully contribute to the world.

Of all my leadership roles in various businesses and organizations, my proudest was as President of the New York City chapter of World Runners, 400 members strong. In that organization I engaged hundreds of volunteers to produce races, provide critical volunteer support for the NYC Marathon and raise thousands of dollars toward their mission of ending hunger.

I have authored five books, most recently “The Heart and Soul of Extraordinary Leadership”. I host my own public radio show “Call the Coach”.

I am also a singer/songwriter, daily runner and sailor when I can. I live outside of New York City with my husband and two sons.

Inspiring Corporate Audiences, Associations, and More –

McKinsey, IBM, Morgan Stanley, NBA Association, Bloomberg, Kenneth Cole, Columbia University, Westchester Medical Center, United Way.

“Diane seemed to walk among us lightly and
to lift something out of us 
that we didn’t know was there.

We are grateful for her insights and her work with us.”
Hilary Papineau, Women in Government & Public Policy, University at Albany

Contact me for a free consultation: 914-843-4947


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